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     After the end of the second Daytona race of the season, the series sees its Owners Championship decided and the start of Sprint Cup Mania. The first annual Sprint Cup Mania will be getting underway Saturday, July 9th at the Kentucky Motor Speedway and run straight through to the 2011 Sprint Cup Finale, Sunday, November 20th, at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The event will start off with the first round of the King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament, pitting the top 16 racers in points in a head to head format, and it will also consist of the first round of the Tag Team Battle Royal, pitting the remaining racers (17-25) in points, in tag team matches in an elimination style format. From there the event moves on to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway where the King/Queen of the Sprint Cup quarterfinals will take place along with the second round of the Tag Team Battle Royal. The next stop on the tour will be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the King/Queen of the Sprint Cup semi-finals will be held along with the finals of the Tag Team Battle Royal. The following week in Pocono will see the finals of the King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament as well as the start of the Winston Rumble. Here 30 racers will compete in an elimination style event where each week new competitors will be added to the group that will see either 1 or 2 competitors eliminated weekly.

King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament - The tourney sees the top 16 drivers in points placed in a head to head tournament bracket. The only way to move on to the next round is to score more points for that weeks race than the individual driver you are up against. You may finish with the 2nd lowest score on the week but as long as your opponent is the driver in last, you move on. (1vs16, 8vs9, ........)

Tag Team Battle Royal - This tourney sees the drivers 17-25 paired up in tag teams and put into an elimination style event. The drivers ranked 17th and 18th are paired and take the #1 seed. The drivers ranked 19th and 20th are paired and take the #2 seed. The drivers ranked 21st and 22nd are paired and take the #3 seed. The remaining 3 drivers at the bottom, ranked 23rd, 24th and 25th, will be teamed together with the two best scores used of the three. That team takeds the #4 seed. In the first round all four teams are alive. After the race, the points are added together and compared, with the lowest team total seeing that team eliminated. The next week will see the lowest total of the remaining three teams eliminate that team with the following race pitting the remaining two teams in a head to head battle for the tournament championship.

Winston Rumble - The competitors in the Rumble will not know when they enter the event until just before the race for that week starts. The Rumble starts will 4 drivers going against each other, with the lowest scoring driver for the week getting eliminated in week 1. As a note, the four drivers who are in the semifinals of the King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament will not be allowed to be randomly picked in week 1. And as in the world of wrestling, there will be favorites going into the event. The favorites of course being the drivers who have done the best on the year, so a point will be added for each victory on the season to the event points.


                                                                                        WINSTON RUMBLE


     The latest addition to the Rumble is the use of teammates. (Listed below) While continuing to try and get that wrestling feel to the event, there is a change in elimination. After week 1, where there will be only 1 person on the chopping block, there will be 2 competitors eliminated each week. And it's starting from here where the change will be in place. For each of the time where these two get the axe, only the bottom person is straight out eliminated. The second to last person will be placed "outside the ring". It is here where that person outside the ring will have a chance to fight themselves back in. If the next race that person gets the highest score of everybody involved in the event at that time, then they officially get back into the ring. This of course means that towards the end of the competition, the setup might have to be flexed to accomidate another addition. But it is at this point where a teammate can be of use. Before the 30 participants were randomly drawn, (Random.Org program, helpful site), they were paired up. Friends and family were used to fill in most of the teams, but there were a couple of stragglers and then they were paired together. What has worked out fairly well is that a good number of "partners" are fairly close. For a person to be saved from being the automatic elimination or from being put outside the ring, which again is the worst and second worst person each week, their partner has to be in the ring and have the highest score of all the people in the event. And a partner can be of assistance when you are "outside of the ring". The week that you are outside and trying to fight your way back in, if your partner is in the ring, he can also save you by having the highest score of everyone in the event at that time. If a person who is trying to be saved, or the person trying to save someone has the highest point total of everyone in the event just based on actual race points, not including bonus points, then they can also be saved in that fashion. (When it is such, before the weekly event points, it will be marked (RP) - race points.) It is my sincere hope that at least a couple of people will be saved during the event to add a little Flair. Woooooooo!!! The week #30 enters, there is no more outside the ring and no more saves. That week, race 32, the bottom 3 will be eliminated. If the person outside the ring from last week is saved, then it will be 4 eliminated the next week, race 33, if not, then it will be 3. There will be 7 people left going into race 34, and after that, 3 more are gone and the final race will be race 35 and will involve the last 4 remaining competitors.



                                                                                            Current Ring


                                                                                            I                     #21 ALAN MADDOCK                     I



Entrance Order

#1 Shirley Fontaine                 Week 1 - Larry 111, Shirley 106, Samantha 95, *X Kristen 79

#2 Kristen Landry

#3 Samantha Fontaine

#4 Larry Fontaine

#5 Zachary Dorr                     Week 2 - *X Zach 120, Larry 120, Shirley 119, Nick 105, Jeff 99, * AnnMarie 92, *X Samantha 91

#6 Nick Gustafson

#7 Ann-Marie Burke

#8 Jeff Wilson

#9 Walter Reed                      Week 3 - Walter94, Zach92, Larry91, (*(RP)AnnMarie90), Jeff79, Samantha75, Josh75, *Shirley72, *XNick70

#10 Josh Fontaine

#11 Fran Landry                     Week 4 - Larry119, Zach116, Josh115, (*(RP)Shirley114), Fran101, AnnMarie100, Samantha98, Dave92, *Jeff89, *XWalter77

#12 Dave Landry

#13 Nathan Fontaine               Week 5 - Nathan127, Dave121, (*XJeff117), Zach101, Jordan100, Samantha96, Josh92, Shirley90, Larry80, *Fran79, *XAnnMarie71

#14 Jordan Maddock

#15 Mandi Suomi                    Week 6 - *XTodd113, Shirley102, Jordan100, Dave97, Zach97, Nathan95, Samantha93, Josh92, *Mandi90, (*XFran83), *XLarry85

#16 Todd White

#17 Melissa Olson                   Week 7 - Keith130, Larry128, Melissa121, Shirley104, Dave93, Jordan92, Nathan92, Josh90, (*XMandi88), *Zach88, *XSamantha76

#18 Keith Teasdale

#19 Eric Gustafson                   Week 8 - Melissa130, Todd124, (*XZach123), Dave122, Eric122, Larry117, Jordan111, Shirley111, Keith110, Josh102, *Aaron90, *XNathan76

#20 Aaron Stewart

#21 Alan Maddock                  Week 9 - Alan123, Eric110, (*XAaron107), Josh106, Jordan102, Mario97, Dave93, Todd90, Larry87, Shirley85,  *Keith75, *XMelissa56

#22 Mario Thompson

#23 John Burke                        Week 10 - (*(RP)Keith125), Todd120, Eric118, Jordan115, Josh113, Alan107, Larry104, Dave102, Mario101, John99, *Matt94, *XShirley87

#24 Matt Guerra

#25 Kevin Timperley                Week 11 - *XAlan113, Todd111, John108, Mario103, Eric101,*XMatt101, Larry95, Keith84, Josh81, Chris81, Dave80, *Kevin64, *XJordan51 

#26 Chris Brown

#27 Kenneth Dorr                   Week 12 - John113, Larry109, Todd108, Ken95, *XKevin85, Josh77, Jordan71, Eric68, Alan64, Mario62, Dave61, Keith54, *Tammy48, *XChris45

#28 Tammy Cornwall

#29 Tim Horgan                      Week 13 - Mario97, *XTammy91, John91, Alan86, Jordan80, Brenda71, Todd71, Larry60, Dave57, Keith44, Ken44, *XJosh42, *XTim39, *XEric39

#30 Brenda Dorr

                                              Week 14 - Alan 96, Keith 92, John 90, Todd 90, Ken 85, Jordan 80, Dave 78, *X Brenda 71, *X Mario 71, *X Larry 63

                                              Week 15 - Alan 115, Ken 108, Dave 103, Keith 100, *X John 99, *X Todd 98, *X Jordan 96 

                                              Week 16 - Alan 112, Dave 107, Keith 102, Ken 90


Elimination Order

#1 Kristen Landry (#2)

#2 Nick Gustafson (#6)

#3 Walter Reed (#9)

#4 AnnMarie Burke (#7)

#5 Jeff Wilson (#8)

#6 Fran Landry (#11)

#7 Samantha Fontaine(#3)

#8 Mandi Suomi (#15)

#9 Nathan Fontaine (#13)

#10 Zachary Dorr (#5)

#11 Melissa Olson (#17)

#12 Aaron Stewart (#20)

#13 Shirley Fontaine (#1)

#14 Matt Guerra (#24)

#15 Chris Brown (#26)

#16 Kevin Timperley (#25)

#17 Eric Gustafson (#19)

#18 Tim Horgan (#29)

#19 Josh Fontaine (#10)

#20 Tammy Cornwall (#28)

#21 Larry Fontaine (#4)

#22 Mario Thompson (#22)

#23 Brenda Dorr (#30)

#24 Jordan Maddock (#14)

#25 Todd White (#16)

#26 John Burke (#23)

#27 Kenneth Dorr (#27)

#28 Keith Teasdale (#18)

#29 Dave Landry (#12)

#30 ----------------------------




Powers of Pain - Kenneth Dorr & John Burke

The Landrys - Kristen Landry & Fran Landry

DX - Joshua Fontaine & Nathan Fontaine

Team E - Larry Fontaine & Todd White

The Brothers Gustafson - Nick Gustafson & Eric Gustafson

Brenda Dorr & Mandi Suomi

Samantha Fontaine & Zachary Dorr

The Godfathers - Jordan Maddock & Alan Maddock

Mega Powers - Walter Reed & Aaron Stewart

M & M - Matt Guerra & Melissa "Smoke" Olson

Tammy Cornwall & AnnMarie Burke

Shirley Fontaine & Mario Thompson

Tim Horgan & Chris Brown

New J&K Racing - Jeff Wilson & Kevin Timperley

LandTeasers - Keith Teasdale & David Landry - LWO Motorsports



                 King/Queen of the Sprint Cup Tournament


#1 Walter Reed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  #2 Alan Maddock         

         *101-101              #16 Nathan Fontaine                                                                                                                                                            #15 Samantha Fontaine               89-69

#16 Nathan Fontaine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          #15 Samantha Fontaine  

                                               91-73                 #16 Nathan Fontaine                                                                                   #10 Dave Landry                        98-87

#8 Todd White                                                              84                                                                                                                 97                                                            #7 Larry Fontaine          

          116-81                 #9 Kenneth Dorr                                                                                                                                                                  #10 Dave Landry                        109-96

#9 Kenneth Dorr                                                                         #16 Nathan Fontaine             vs.             #14 Brenda Dorr                                                                              #10 Dave Landry          


 #5 Matt Guerra                                                                              #16 Nathan Fontaine     104 - 103                                                                            #6 Eric Gustafson          

          97-92                   #12 Keith Teasdale                                                                                                                                                               #6 Eric Gustafson                       89-81

 #12 Keith Teasdale                                                      76                                                                                                                 99                                                            #11 John Burke             

                                               97-83                 #12 Keith Teasdale                                                                                        #14 Brenda Dorr                    124-54

 #4 Aaron Stewart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              #3 Jeff Wilson               

          112-101                #4 Aaron Stewart                                                                                                                                                                 #14 Brenda Dorr                      103-75

 #13 Tim Horgan                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                #14 Brenda Dorr           


                                                     Tag Team Battle Royal


#1 - Zachary Dorr & Tammy Cornwall

#2 - Mario Thompson & Nick Gustafson

#3 - MF'ers - Jordan Maddock & Josh Fontaine

#4 - Laugh Out Loud - Fran Landry, Melissa Olson & Kristen Landry

Round 1

#1 Zachary Dorr 103 & Tammy Cornwall 104 - 207

#3 Jordan Maddock 89 & Josh Fontaine 89 - 178

#4 Melissa Olson 95 & Fran Landry 77 (Kristen Landry 71) - 172


#2 Mario Thompson 89 & Nick Gustafson 75 - 164 - ***Team Eliminated

Round 2

#4 Kristen Landry 108 & Melissa Olson 95 (Fran Landry 79) - 203

#1 Zachary Dorr 115 & Tammy Cornwall 65 - 180


#3 Josh Fontaine 82 & Jordan Maddock 57 - 139 - ***Team Eliminated

Round 3 - Finals

#4 Fran Landry 113 & Melissa Olson 96 (Kristen Landry 78) - 209 - TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYAL CHAMPIONS


#1 Zachary Dorr 93 & Tammy Cornwall 79 - 172 - ***Team Eliminated